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How does your marriage contract affect your tax return?

HOW DOES YOUR MARRIAGE CONTRACT AFFECT YOUR TAX RETURN? ICOP – In Community of Property Interest – Jointly held bank account Spouse A: 50% of Interest Spouse B: 50% of Interest   Foreign Dividend paid to spouse A Spouse A: 50% of Dividend Income Spouse B: 50% of...

No Tax Number – No Job

  So lately I have come across a lot of employers who are asking for employees tax numbers before they are considered for a position. This issue has actually been addressed with SARS and they have stated the following " While SARS will readily assist persons who...

Provisional Tax

Today's Topic is Provisional Tax I will explain what it is how it works and when its due Provisional tax is broken down into 2 returns (there is a 3rd option that is also available).   What SARS asks is that we guesstimate what our taxable income will be by the time...

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