Tax Season starts next month (1st July 2019), and I know that some are excited and some are just petrified. Most of the time, the fear comes from uncertainty or the fact that they have not lodged their returns and rather choose to take the ostrich approach… 

“Do I need to lodge a return? Should I submit, I honestly don’t make enough money to lodge” 

I hear this on the regular… HOWEVER, if you are self-employed (Sole Prop / PTY) it doesn’t matter what your income/sales/turnover is you still have lodge a tax return. The only time that you are exempt (and I still recommend that you submit a return) is when you are employed by a business and only earn 1 source of income and have NO deductions other than PAYE and UIF. 

I know its easier to look away than face any returns that are outstanding but I promise you, if you just start somewhere you are already further than where you were yesterday. 

If you want to chat about your tax or accounting I am just a mail away. 

Much love